UK Visa Requirements

UK Visa Requirements

The United Kingdom is a beautiful country that full of opportunities which is a reason why most wish to go to the country whether it is for business, studies or pleasure. However, prior to booking a ticket, customers must procure a visa in order to travel. Customers can apply for a visa online and then will be asked to come to the office on specific dates where they will have to provide the required documents and other necessary details. There are a number of requirements that need to be provided for a visa to be furnished. These are provided below.

Documents Required to Apply for a UK Visa:

While applying for a UK visa, applicants will have to submit certain documents. These documents are listed below and are compulsory. Additional documents may be required based on the kind of visa being applied for and other factors, if any. The most important ones are listed below.

  • Receipt that is provided for the fee paid needs to be furnished.
  • Document or letter confirming appointment
  • A recent passport sized color photograph. This photo guidance is needed when the applicant has been exempted from providing biometrics
  • Dated and signed printout of the online application form
  • Evidence of sponsors leave for applicant to remain in the UK incase they are applying as dependents
  • Evidence of all income that has been stated on application form such as tax returns, pay slips, letter from employer and so on
  • Evidence of any asset such as land or property
  • In case applicant has applied for a settlement visa then a completed self-assessment form that is signed and dated should also be provided
  • Other supporting documents such as proof of age and proof of address
  • Marriage or divorce certificate in addition to evidence of applicants family staying in their native country when they travel(if applicable)
  • Evidence and documents regarding applicants education
  • Evidence of income and bank account, tax submissions and so on.
  • Photographs on the application from those who have not submitted biometrics as UKVI does not require passport photos from those who have provided biometrics

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