Top 9 made about Debbie Rowe, Michael Jackson ex -wife

Top 9 made about Debbie Rowe, Michael Jackson ex -wife

Debbie Rowe was born on December 6, 1958 at Spokane, Washington, the United States married the 'King of Pop' Michael Jackson in 1996, and the couple divorced three years later in 1999. A new TMZ documentary entitled 'TMZ Research : Who really killed the present exclusive interviews and never seen before? The documentary also presents exclusive interviews with Debbie Rowe and seeks the death of her ex -husband.

Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson were one of the most beloved famous couples in the 90s, and their relationship was planted on the cover of many tabloids.

9 made about Debbie Rowe

1. She was raised by her family's women

Deborah Jeanne Rowe was born in Spokane by Gordon Rowe and Barbara Chilcutt. A few weeks before Debbie's second birthday, her father divorced her mother's mother. She was raised by her mother, maternal grandmother and aunts of her. Now, she lives in Palmdale, California.

2. Debbie married Richard Edelman before her relationship with Michael Jackson

She married Richard Edelman in 1982 and became Judaism for the good of her marriage. He was a teacher by profession. Debbie felt trapped in the relationship and the couple separated in 1988.

3. She met Michael while working as a dermatology assistant

Michael Jackson had a skin condition called Vitiligo, and Debbie met Jackson while working as an assistant in a dermatology office, where he was being treated by Vitiligo. During the treatment course, good friends became.

4. She knew that Michael Jackson wanted to become a father someday

While MJ was being treated at the Dermatology Clinic, he became a good friend of her and entrusted Debbie that he was afraid that he would not become a father and this thought was too annoying for him. Rowe was already very much in love with him, and she offered to endure her children. The couple ended up having two children: Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. (Prince Jackson) was born on February 13, 1997, and a year later, she gave birth to a girl, Paris Jackson. She was born on April 3, 1998. Rowe later revealed that she never intimidated Jackson and that she had been artificially inseminated to take her children

5. The couple divorced in 1999

Shortly after Paris Jackson was born in 1998, Michael and Debbie decided to separate.

Debbie never liked the attention of the media, so the couple kept all lowkey and did not share the reason for the division. It is estimated that her divorce agreement was around $ 8 million, and she also obtained the property of her Beverly Hills's mansion.

Debbie sold the farm and currently lives in California.

6. She was diagnosed with cancer in 2016

In 2016, Debbie announced that she was fighting breast cancer. She declared that the fight was difficult, but it was also a disguised blessing. She approached her daughter Paris Jackson in the middle of her battle against cancer. While they were reconnected, Debbie felt delighted. In fact, Paris Jackson celebrated the last quot of chemotherapy of Debbie on Instagram.

7. She promised Marc Schaffel, a former Jackson employee in 2014

Debbie promised Marc Schaffel in 2014. He is a music producer and former cameraman of Neverland Ranch. She also worked with Michael Jackson in her single "What else can I give"?

In fact, after Jackson and Debbie's divorce, Marc was the only employee who obtained permission to visit Debbie Rowe while helping her with her health problems.

8. She maintains a Key Key profile

Debbie is extremely private and refrains from giving many interviews.

9. Debbie Rowe's net assets is estimated at around $ 25 million

When Debbie realized that her relationship with Jackson was not working, the couple decided to separate. The divorce was ended on October 8, 1999. Rowe received a divorce agreement, and Michael received the total custody of his children.

Currently, it is estimated that its net assets is around $ 25 million.

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